Why Mama Didn't Run Today...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Don't Call it a Comeback"

When I think of a comeback LL comes to mind so I had no choice for the title. But this is a comeback and hopefully it is a big one...

Things have changed in my life.

I lost a lot. My husband, my dog who I visit with as often as I can but still miss terribly, and the security of owning a home.

I gained a lot. I have a new place that I call home, a new gym to work out in, and I have the love and support of a great man, Conan, whom I am sure you will hear lots about.

But the things that matter the most remained the same. I have the loves of my life, Kaleigh and Ian, I have my parents to whom I am forever indebted to, and I have a supportive sister who has been through the same to turn to when I need advice or when I need a laugh.

There is one thing I can tell you that I have gained from all of this; STRENGTH.

I was unable to keep up with a workout regimine during this transition but that will be the first thing I will work to get into my life. I am ready to start living my new life. I will be starting from scratch again but with an advantage this time. I know how much I love to lift. I know how running makes me feel. I know the positive changes it makes on my body and also on my mind.

I am back people and I know that I can do this.