Why Mama Didn't Run Today...

Monday, May 24, 2010

And again

So I posted that, started off at the gym slowly. Picked a race to run and ended up getting sick. I had an infection in my left breast and after 2 months on antibiotics they decided I needed surgery. I went in last Tuesday, May 18th and will get my stiches out this Wednesday. I am hoping for the okay to exercise cause I am really sick of waiting.

I had a plan to be down 53 by 35. I got set back quite a bit of time so I am going to just take it as it goes. After my appointment I will pick another race date for my first 5k.

I have been really run down with the infection and all the meds I was on so I know it will be a slow start but I am okay with that. I am just looking forward to starting at all!


Anonymous said...

I just clicked on your blog again! It hasn't been in my feed and I was so glad to see that you are doing well minus the infection!!

scarlet said...

Good luck on your goals, may you achieve all of it! More power! ~ mountain hardwear jackets ~

Mandie said...

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