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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle...

I started last Sunday with a "fun" bike ride up to the boardwalk. The fun is in quotes because while it was only a few miles each way and we were heading up there to have sushi, the fact is that I was scared. I haven't been on a bike in YEARS!! I was scared of going over the bridge, scared that I would be in pain since I am still recovering, but mostly I was scared that I wouldn't be able to do it.

I did do it and I really enjoyed it, except for the pain from the seat. WTF is up with that?? So the next morning I got up and rode my bike to the gym. Did back and bi's and then got back on the bike and rode home. Both days were probably between 5-6 miles. I'm not sure so I will have to figure it out the next time I go.

Tuesday morning I dropped Ian off at preschool and had 3 hours to kill. I threw my Garmin on, got on the bike and rode 9.75 miles to my boyfriends house. The gears on the right side were not working at all so it was kind of a struggle either peddling fast like the Wicked Witch or slowly and painfully. A mile from Conans house I passed a bike shop http://www.ebicycles.com/listing/shore-cycling-sports-nj.html that is new to the area. They opened the door as I drove past. I figured that was a sign so I pulled in and the guy fixed the bike in 10 minutes for $6.41. So much better than the $50 and no bike for a week quote I got at the bike shop in my town. The last mile was a breeze with a working bike.

I had some pain in my middle back from riding so I took a few days off. Went to the Chiropractor to get fixed up yesterday and will be back at ASAP!

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